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27 September 2014 @ 05:35 pm
Hello everyone,

since all Junno related communities on lj are quite dead for ages we decided to reconstruct
TAGUCHI_LOVE and make it a regular community. We still have to change some community
rules since the special project does not exist anymore and changed for starters the open
membership to a moderated one. There is still a lot work that has to be done.

In the future we'll be posting everything about Junno like his jwebs, drama-news, tag-tune
driving, etc. just to name a few things that'll come! I also want to introduce marynasuke as
new mod, she and myself will do our best to keep you informed about Junno's recent activities.

A moderated membership was necesseary since we decided to upload also his Radio-
Broadcastings, Drama and TV-Show appearances, Everyone who loves/likes Junno is very
welcome in this community. We hope you guys enjoy your stay and help us to keep this

community alive, also please spread the word about this community!

Thanks :)

- Laura

Edit: I added all the infos about Junno's Bio in our profile page and post here our community
rules again.


All entries must be related to Junno, any other entries won't be allowed
Use LJ CUT if your entry contains picspam or ghraphics
Tag your entries
DO NOT hot link or reshare community download links
this is a bash free community, please be respectful and kind to each other
Respect all the obove mentioned rules

Moderated Membership. Empty lj's will not be approved.
In case you have a empty lj please comment on this entry here in order to be approved!
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29 November 2016 @ 04:18 am
20】Taguchi Junnosuke.

02】Taguchi Junnosuke.

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Congratulations to your Debut as Solo Artist. I am really happy that you
follow your dreams and made this decision to Debut as solo artist.
Absolutely Welcome back and thank you a lot for bringing us your wonderful voice,
sunshine and happiness with your lovely music.
I love HERO and all the B-Sides too. I especially love the acoustic guitar version
and Follow. I will and Top-Line are great songs that make me dance even in my chair. ^^
I'm looking forward to hear more R&B flavored Songs from you in the
future. I hope soon we can see you in a Music Video too. We/I really miss
seeing you in motion. Hope really that you get the chance to act again TV-Dramas.
You are a great multi-talented actor. I know I am greedy but I really missed you, so
if you can and want it too, just take one step after another.
I'll be waiting to see you on my screen again.
You have fans from all over the world, we may not be that many but we all support
you from the bottom of our hearts. I am your fan since more than 9 years now.
going soon into the 10th year. I'll be always supporting and loving you.
You are the only artist who could make a fan-girl out of me. ^^°°
I love your sunshine personality. You are the only person who can make me smile
again even when I'm really sad. I'm  so thankful that you exist, you make
the world a much sunnier and happier place. Please always stay true to yourself. I know
you went trough a lot in the past years and not everything was really sunny for you
so I'm absolutely glad that you stayed strong. Hope and wish you that the sun will always
shine for you especially when your're
"goin’ to the next level 目指してく Everyday, everyday" and I will also
"goin’ to the next level 手に入れる Everyday, everywhere"
with you!
Even if it's from a far, remember there will be always a fan who
loves you dearly and supports you in every decision you make for yourself. ^^
Last but not least congrats to your number one in the oricon weekly
independent artist charts. That is really a great achievement, given that you
achieved it without any promotions and publicity, it's just awesome and we all/
your fans are so happy about it. Wish you all the love, happiness
and success in this world. May all your wishes and dreams come true.
Please stay always happy and healthy,
Happy Birthday again, you are 31 years young and can make all your
dreams come true. The world is yours. I have faith in you. ^_^
(Hope one day international fans can also join your
Fan Club, but I'm sure you're already working on that too. ^_^)
Lots of Love

27 November 2016 @ 06:02 pm
To everyone who is interested, here are the tags for Junno's 31st Birthday!


Hope a lot ppl. wish him Happy Birthday from midnight on, on twitter!! :D (JST, 18 hrs from now)

Also here is Junno while he was in Germany/Mainz a few weeks ago.
They are watching KT's Kiss 3 performance on TV ^^
His friend is talking about him in his blog https://t.co/zGAbEJNBsE

17yrs ago (16.5.1999) Junno entered the Jimusho, thanks for the past 17yrs hope to see you back on stage again soon! You belong to the ent. world! #田口淳之介入所記念日 <3
It’s still your Birthday here so Happy Birthday sexy man, please stay strong and live your dreams! Love you Forever more, my King of Heart

#alwaysthereforyou田口 #田口淳之介30生誕祭 Happy 30TH Birthday Junno you sweetest of all sweet dorks. I will always love and support you no matter what you decide for your own future. Wish you all the Happiness and Love, Please stay healthy and happy. I hope you can live both your dreams, in private and work. I hope your talents and sunshine smile wont totally disapear into oblivion, the World will definetly be a much sadder place without your sweet personality and multiple talents in it. You’re born to be an entertainer, thats why I have faith in you to find a way to live both your dreams soon. Sorry for being selfish, I need my sunshine to shine on me and not fade away. I know you did more than enough and spend more than half of your life to make everyone happy and smile. You eased our troubles, gave us so much laughter and happiness, with your sunshine smiles, your sweet adrokable puns. You mellowed our hearts and souls with your beautiful voice, music and lyrics. Amazed us with your one of a kind dancing skills. Entertained us with your wonderful acting, you’re a great radio host, For me even the best, I could listen to you for hours. You’re a wonderful TV Show host too. You gave us heartattacks and nosebleeds with your ubber sexiness and handsomeness. Your cuteness made us fall in love with you over and over again and ofc.your golden always positive heart, soul and personality, your often very deep thoughts in your jwebs, your lovely advises, made us try our best to be a better and more positive person in our lifes too. I can’t thank you more than enough for giving us all those gifts for over 16 years and for always putting everyone else first and taking so often your own wishes and needs back, for loving KAT-TUN since the begging and I know you’re still and always will be loving and cheerishing your group members as friends and brothers. You are our Prince charming on a white horse and you will always be our Prince. Please take care of yourself an stay just the way you are, because in my eyes you’re perfect, even your little imperfections make you more perfect for me.  Love you from the bottom of my heart. .

I will post latter more graphics, it's the first time I'm late for his bday because something came inbetween in the last minute orz 
29 November 2015 @ 12:39 am
Taguchi Junnosuke:
【125】 Icons.
【004】 wallpapers.

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Thanks Junno for all the love and happiness you gave us more than half of your life. Please pursue your own dreams.I will always support you.

Sunday is his 30th Birthday. We need to celebrate his birthday now more than ever and show our support and love towards him too, its a special Birthday in the double meaning. All four of them go trough a very dificult time now. All four of them need support! I really hope ppl. will leave their hatred/anger/sadness away at least on his birthday they owe him that. In his jweb he showed again how much he loves KT imo.  He could’ve gone w.o a real word towards us, like the other two did but he choose to stay, stand up, take responsibility and announce his decision infront everyone, the members, the fans. the whole nation. He took responsibility in his jweb again, he will take responsibility on Gatsun again. If he didn’t love KAT-TUN so much do you think he’d do all that? It’s definetly not easy for him. The next months might become even a torture for him, because ppl. wil surely hate him for his decision, but nontheless he didn’t just silently run off and promissed to give his best till the very end as KAT-TUN member. I’ve read ppl. saying that from him, He was called run off, traitor and betrayer. :_: I don’t think he deserves to be called all that. I know many will disagree with what I say. I know I might be repeating myself, but I can’t say all that more than enough right now. Sorry if I offend or annoy someone with all this. I can’t please nor do I have to please everyone and Junno doesen’t either. We’re humans we make mistakes, even if we don’t someone will always find something negative to say. Every thing in life comes with a pro and a contra. It’s up to us to make the best of it. Junno does always his best, I didn’t see a person who is more positive than him till now in my life. I hope the fandom can hold together. It’s not easy for me, I try my best too. I have mixed feelings too. I try to understand everyones reactions and decisions even if its hurtful for me. Therefore please try to understand him too, if you can and wish him good luck for his future.


Junno’s Jweb from 26th november 2015 (credit idgchiaki)

P.S Thank you Junno for sharing your feelings with us, your jwebs are mine/our treasures too. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Yesterday a part of me died, but I will always love and support Junno. He wouldn't have gone this way, if he really had another choice! Thats something we all got to be aware of, please! His heart bleeds and hurts as much as Kame's, Ueda's, Maru's and all Hyphens haerts too. He said he will give his best as a KAT-TUN Member till the very last day. I trully believe him that he will do so. I hope all hyphens will keep supporting him in the way they support Kame, Ueda and Maru too. As a Junno fan I want to enjoy fandom till his very last day and after that too. Hope Hyphens don't make it difficult for us Junno fans and for Junno himself to do that, cause we too and Junno love KAT-TUN the same. I've read too many negative comments against him, that really got into me and made me heartbroken and cry. I'm very thankful and deeply appreciate all supportive comments towards Junno and myself, which I got in the past hours from my fandom friends and even ppl. I didn't know before.*hugs you all* I don't know what will happen in the future, no one knows that, but I want to think positively and hope everything turns good for all of us. I just hope he doesen't disappear totally from the public eye.That would really kill me. The past two sentences sounded very selfish right! Junno is blamed to be selfish too, just no one sees that we are all selfish in one way or the other too, therefore please don't grudge someone something you're doing or are being yourself too. Junno is still there for us, therefore please let us be there for Junno, the same way as for Kame, Ueda and Maru. Please don't strike/edit him out from group pics, wiki's and more importantly don't strike him out from your hearts and lifes! Sunday will be his 30th Birthday, I hope we can show him at least one last time how thankful we are and how much we appreciate him for the past 14 years being a precious and very Important KAT-TUN Member, who did everything to give us so much Happiness, Smiles, Love and Nosebleeds too, since he entered the Jimusho in Mai 1999. He often not to say mostly took his own wishes and needs back for the sake of the Group. We all know that. There is no need for big graphics or therelike just a little "thank you Junno" says more than anything else imo. I suggest we take that as hashtag, if you guys don't mind.
As last but not least I myself wanna thank him, I know those wont be my last words or thank you words to him. Cause I can never forget the guy who gave me so much Love in Return without even knowing me and yes I can't believe myself I'm saying that from a person I never met myself and most likely will never meet him either, but it's just the truth. Thats the Impact Junno has and the Person Junno is. He is KT's and ours mood maker. I call him our Happy pill cause he makes us smile again when we're down. I my case he is the reason why I became a KAT-TUN fan in the first place and started to love their Music. I didn't know anything about them or Johnny's at all and I would've never If it wasn't for Junno.  
So therefore thank you Junno <3 for all the love you gave us/me! I love you from the bottom of my Heart. Nothing will or can ever change that. You will always have that special place in my heart. Please be happy and healthy and pursue your own dreams. Please never change, because in my eyes you're just perfect the way you are! You were and always are my sunshine smiling angel, who always made my day even in the darkest hours. I can't thank you enough for all the happiness and smiles you gave me.
Sorry this got so long, please bear with me, it took all my courage to write this down. m(_ _)m