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Everything about Taguchi Junnosuke

This community is dedicated to Taguchi Junnosuke.


Name: 田口淳之介 (たぐち じゅんのすけ)
Name (romaji): Taguchi Junnosuke
Nicknames: Junno, Junnosukebe (sukebe=dirty)
Profession: Actor, singer, dancer, Radio Host, TV-Show Host
Birthdate: 1985-Nov-29 (age 31)
Birthplace: Sagamihara Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 182cm
Weight: 64kg
Star sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: AB
Family: One older brother (10 years older) and older sister
Former Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment (Joined: 15th May 1999), Former member and first T of the famous group KAT-TUN (formed in 2001 / debuted in 2006) (retired from Johnny's Entertainment 31st. March 2016)

Announced his Debut as Solo Artist on 1st. September 2016

Welcome back Junno!

Official website: http://junnosuke-t.com/

Debut Single:
HERO (released on 2nd November 2016)

Please suppport Junno as Solo Artist by bying his single HERO
You can buy it at [ TOWER ] [ ローチケHMV ] [ TSUTAYA ] [ 楽天 ] [ amazon ]

Songs Discography as Solo Artist

Single HERO (2nd Nov. 2016 / Debut Single)

2. I will (B-Side, Single HERO LE A)
4. TOP LINE (B-Side, Single HERO LE B)
5. HERO (N6 REMIX) (Single HERO LE B)
6. Follow (B-Side, Single HERO RE)
8. Lovers (Fan Club LE A + B)

TV Shows/Dramas

Legal High SP II as Ranmaru Kaga (Fuji TV 2014
Kyowa Kaisha Yasumimasu as Oshiro So (NTV, 2014)
Legal High 2 as Ranmaru Kaga (Fuji TV, 2013)
Nanatsu no Kaigi as Hiromitsu Saeki (NHK, 2013)
Legal High SP as Ranmaru Kaga (Fuji TV, 2013)
Osozaki no Himawari as Kaoru Aoyama (Fuji TV, 2012)
Legal High as Ranmaru Kaga (Fuji TV, 2012)
Inu o Kau to Iu Koto as Katsuhiko Hotta (TV Asahi, 2011)
Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Koen-mae Hashutsujo as Kakunoshin Araki (TBS, 2009, ep3)
Yukan Club as Bido Granmarie (NTV, 2007)
Hanayome to Papa as Miura Seiji (Fuji TV, 2007)
Happy! 2 as Ootori Keiichiro (TBS, 2006)
Happy! as Ootori Keiichiro (TBS, 2006)
Ganbatte Ikimasshoi as Nakata Saburo (Fuji TV, 2005, ep 4-10)
Shounen wa Tori ni Natta (TBS, 2001)
Omae no Yukichi ga Naiteiru as Haruki Hijikata (TV Asahi, 2001)
Kowai Nichiyobi 2000 (NTV, 2000, ep2)
Kowai Nichiyobi (NTV, 1999, ep6)


Mohou-han (Copycat Killer) as Shinichi Tsukata (2002)

TV Variety Shows/Programms

Tokoro-san no Deban / Tokoro's Japan Turn! as one of the main 3 Hosts
Kyōkun no Susume (2014-present) Regular guest

Stage Plays

Forrest Gump as Forrest Gump (2014)
No Words, No Time ~Sora ni Ochita Namida~ with Noriyuki Higashiyama as co-lead (2013)


Tag-Tune Driving since April 2012 (Sponsored by Suzuki Solio/Tokyo-FM) as Host
KAT-TUN no Gatsūn since April 2012 Co-host
KT-Style (2006-2012) Co-host

Solo Songs Discography as KAT-TUN member

Whenever I Kiss You (2014) Featured in album Come Here
Flash (2013) Featured in single Face to Face (lyrics: Taguchi Junnosuke)
Finale (2012) Featured in album Chain (lyrics & composition: Taguchi Junnosuke)
Girls (NTT presented by Junnosuke Taguchi) (2010) Featured in single Change Ur World (lyrics, composition & arrangement: Taguchi Junnosuke)
Love Music (2010) Featured in album No More Pain (lyrics & compositon: Taguchi Junnosuke)
WIND (2009) Featured in album Break the Records: By You & For You (lyrics: Taguchi Junnosuke)
Natsu no Basho (夏の場所) (2008) Featured in single Don't U Ever Stop
Samurai Love Attack (2007) Featured in album Cartoon KAT-TUN II You
Senshin (2006) Featured in Real Face Concert DVD

Solo MV

Flash (2013) Featured in single Face to Face (lyrics: Taguchi Junnosuke)


Dream Boys 2004 & 2006 (as KT member/support)
Summary of Johnnys World (as KT member/2004)
Koichi Domoto´s Schock (2000/2001 / support)

For more activities as a member of KAT-TUN, please see KAT-TUN activities


5th TVNavi Magazine Awards: Best Newcomer for Hanayome to Papa (2008)
11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Oct-Dec 2007): Best Supporting Actor for Yukan Club


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